[iarts Project @ Toronto] - - Tours Raqs Media Collective's Surjection


Surge out there with Raqs Media Collective: technological poets for an India in transition.

Tour exhibition with curator Phillip Monk

Of the current generation of Indian artists, the Raqs Media Collective from New Delhi (Jeebesh Bagchi, 1965; Monica Narula, 1969; Shuddhabrata Sengupta, 1968) are amongst the best known and most widely exposed in the west—and certainly the most media conscious. Having started as documentary filmmakers, over the past twenty years they have evolved a sophisticated—and sometimes performative—practice that combines film, media, audio, and text, which draw upon philosophy and political theory, in installations of an unresolved poetics.

Art Gallery of York University; Accolade East Building, York University; 4700 Keele St.; Toronto ON M3J 1P3 Canada

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