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AVALON [Bangalore and Toronto]
Twinning Artists- Twinning Cities

Tour with curator Charles Reeve


The Toronto exhibition of Avalon, co-curated by Shai Heredia and Charles Reeve, will introduce three highly regarded artists from Bangalore — Abhishek Hazra, Yashas Shetty and Bharathesh G D — and incorporate collaborative elements by Oliver Husain.

This exhibition will explore fantasy through drama — dreams of flamboyant houses with eclectic facades — mythological imaginings of Kannada cinema — visual exploration of local micro organisms… Avalon is a place where art confronts the science of modernity.

The inaugural exhibition at on[site], OCAD University's new venue is the first in a series of partnerships between Canadian and foreign artists that is called “Twinning Artists—Twinning Cities.” Avalon (Bangalore and Toronto) is the first project in the “Twinning” series.

onsite [at] OCAD
230 Richmond Street West

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