Artist in Focus: Namrata Sneha

Namrata Sneha is drawn to the environment and spirit of the natural world and is on a quest to experience, understand and “see” the natural world. In her work Sneha represents and juxtaposes imagery that articulate her feelings and connections of physical and emotional displacement. Her works are often nostalgic and conceptual and speak to an abstraction of memory with the paintings distinctively separate from the initial, often distracting, experience of reality. Her use of landscape thus becomes more than an emotional response to her experiences and surroundings.
  • Seeds of Emancipation - VI (2010) • Oil on Canvas [2pcs] • size 24x24 • [ref. 8-42] • enquire now

  • Seeds of Emancipation -V (2010) • Oil on Canvas [3pcs] • size 12x12 • [ref. 8-43] • enquire now